Teacher Training available for following subjects

Prana means vital energy and healing. Pranic healing is therefore a no-touch, no drug complementary therapy system that uses prana to heal a wide range of physical and psychological ailments.

This gem healing course teaches you how the practitioner places crystals on different parts of the body, often corresponding to chakras, or places crystals around the body in an attempt to construct an “energy grid”, which is purported to surround the client with healing energy.

Psychodynamic psychology ignores the trappings of science and instead focuses on trying to get “inside” the head of individuals in order to make sense of their relationships, experiences, and how they see the world.
The psychodynamic approach includes all the theories in psychology that see human functioning based upon the interaction of drives and forces within the person, particularly unconscious and between the different structures of the personality.

Quantum healing alters or adjusts the energetic fields of information to enable a change in an idea or concept. Quantum healing neutralizes adverse or damaging energetic frequencies and replaces them with a more harmonic and healing perception.

Reiki teaches methods for treating yourself, others, friends and family with hands on healing.

We are offering Power Yoga, Astanga , Pilates , Hatha Yoga Training.

Therapeutic touch is a non-invasive method of healing that was derived from an ancient laying-on of hands technique.

This understanding is fundamental to maintaining your energy field and body in harmony. If the human energy field is out of balance, the body will be out of balance. In this course learn how to balance your self.

One of the most influential unseen forces created by human kind are energy vortices, or vortexes. These swirling pools of energy can either lift you up or damage you by draining your subtle body of its vitality causing innumerable ailments and illnesses.

Color therapy is one of the languages of the soul, just look at inspired or meditative paintings. They influence our mood and emotions. They have their impact on our sense of well being or un-easiness.

Blue star celestial healing is a transmission of spiritual ability to bridge the gap between the divine source and man. Blue star celestial energy offers a passage through the universal door allowing one who has studied this modality to continue the search for knowledge, enlightenment and oneness with all beings.

Learn the art of living peacefully.

These courses include training to be a certified beautician.
Basic course includes learning of Manicure, pedicure, waxing, cleansing, herbal facial & Threading.
Intermediate course includes intermediate learning of manicure / pedicure with paraffin treatment, 4 different types of facials, Body massage , Make up 2 styles.
Advance course includes advance learning of 3 types of hair cut’s, Hair trimming, 3 Advance styles of makeup, Skin care facial’s ( 6 different types ) , and Body massage.